The latest innovations in Assisted Reproductive Technologies help to overcome fertility problems in people from the whole modern world. ADONIS Medical Group of Companies adopt the newest services that are popular and effective in the progressive medical society. Our ART Department includes the widest variety of options according to patients’ indications and requirements.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is included into the Programs in Reproductology of ADONIS clinics.

The main concept of IUI procedure lies in the fact of placing the sperm directly in the uterus of the woman at the exact time when the ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilized. Before the procedure ADONIS own laboratory and its skilled staff provides the clearance and washing of the sperm to ensure the best safety for the greatest results. Then the concentrated sperm cells are passed on for further actions.

IUI Preparatory stage 

Well-developed and quality preparation for the IUI procedure ensures the highest chances for successful treatment outcome. That’s why ADONIS places great emphasis on the Preparatory stage.

The main points of IUI Preparatory stage include: 

  • thorough examination of the couple which are going to participate in the IUI Program (or just a woman, in case of using donor material)
  • ejaculate preparation by its purification from low-active sperm  and enrichment with special agents that increase the probability of successful egg fertilization
  • donor sperm selection based on the patient’s examination results, requirements, indications, case history and individual wishes (appearance, age, blood type, RH factor, etc.) – on request
  • obligatory patient pathologies elimination (if revealed during examination process)
  • normal fertility preventing (in terms of intrauterine insemination)
  • chronic diseases relief
  • ovulatory cycle control as well as further ovulation induction – on request

ADONIS Procedures are carried out under the experienced eye of fertility specialists, taking into consideration the worldwide norms, sterile environment and high quality service. You can be totally calm and ready for great infertility treatment results.

ADONIS is renowned for its quality and incomparable medical service. For more than 23 years in the sphere, we accumulated all knowledge, experience and process deftness to make every patient happy and satisfied with the new life in their hands.

ADONIS main pride points are:

  • Affordability – we ensure the best price/quality ratio for our treatment Programs, Intrauterine Insemination cost will give you a real satisfaction
  • Equipment set-up – on the basis of ADONIS clinic there are a wide range of medical accommodations – our own laboratory, donor base, cryo bank, stem cell department, maternity houses and many others
  • Expertise – ADONIS staff include only real professionals with the wide experience in the reproductology and other directions, their knowledge and long-term qualification is the best basis for your treatment
  • Comfort – all-round care is evident in accommodations, facilities, 24/7 help, informational support, additional non-medical services (transfer, translation, etc.), your well-being is ensured by ADONIS

Choose your option of a happy future and complete family with ADONIS Medical Group of Companies. Intrauterine Insemination and other infertility treatment Procedures are made individually for you!

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