Arlington’s family trips are more popular than ever since more people want to slip away together for somewhere familiar but new.  Although this college town packs in over four hundred thousand people, it’s still impressively cozy and family-friendly.  If you want to get your kids out of the house and are itching for some fun-  here are the top things to try while you’re in Arlington!

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags may be a national chain of amusement parks, but everything is bigger and better in Texas.  This 212-acre theme park has something for anyone from any walk of life.  From fun rides and exciting roller coasters to a little kids section of the park with less thrill-seeking and more everyone-fun for the kids!  If you order your tickets online, you can save over fifty percent on the price instead of paying in person.

Alley Cats Entertainment

The dream of the 90s is alive in Alley Cats Entertainment!  Every classic form of fun is represented and keeps the magic alive.  From put put to bowling and even laser tag and rock climbing: there are endless options.  The best part is that you can also use this location to host parties if you want to celebrate with your kids.  This gives you a low rate to include all of their friends and make one of the most memorable days of their lives.

Living Science Center

If you’re getting tired of rides and adrenaline, the Living Science Center is a fantastic way to keep your minds busy as well.  This indoor and outdoor exhibit has trails, informational tours, and incredible education programs.  Getting to watch your kids open up to this kind of knowledge can be enough to make some people start looking for Arlington real estate.

Free Play Arcade

Although there’s no such thing as a completely free arcade, all of the games in this arcade are unlimited play once you pay the $10 door price!  Kids and adults alike can release their energy by playing Pac-Man, pinball, or any other game ranging from the 80s to current times.  Unlimited plays can allow you to rack up as much practice as you need to forget all of your troubles away from this arcade.

Hurricane Harbor

Hurricanes may be a source of fear for most states that get hit by them often, but Texas is on an entirely different level.  Although this waterpark is part of Six Flags Over Texas, it’s a wholly different experience.  The hot Texan summer sun isn’t as much an issue when you can cool off with some fun slides and water attractions!

The UTA Planetarium

Another inexpensive bit of fun, the UTA planetarium only costs ten dollars per person.  As plain as the outside may appear, the inside transports you to a place amongst the stars.  Your family can learn and watch as the mysteries of the universe are explained and animated above your heads like the actual night sky.  Kids will love this exhibit, and even older families can enjoy it for the excellent technology and fun displays.

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