Children reach developmental milestones within a spectrum of normal, above normal, or below normal. However, it doesn’t matter which range your child falls into, it is important that they are supported at their developmental stage, whatever that is. Perhaps you want a childcare provider that will support and develop your religious or social beliefs, encourages cultural or environmental awareness or teaches second languages. Here, we will look at how to find the right childcare to support your child’s development.

There are 5 categories that are important factors to determining the right childcare.

  1. Existing children – look at the children they already have in their care. If you have a 6 month old and the centre you are looking at only has 3 year olds, then they might not be set up to cater to the needs of a baby. Is there diversity among the children and educators or are they aimed at a specific culture? Do the children look happy and involved?
  2. Flexible – do they have a flexible curriculum that will cater to your child’s interests, capabilities, and needs. Is there the ability for your child to advance or are they limited? Are they able to give your child more support if needed? Do their hours work with yours?
  3. Size – if your child has sensory sensitivity then you may want to look at a smaller centre. Perhaps you feel that a higher educator to child ratio will allow more specialised attention for your child. Or maybe you prefer the diversity of a larger centre.
  4. Meals – some centres provide the children’s meals and others ask food to be sent in from home. Either way, if you child has allergies or intolerances then you need to ensure that the daycare catering centre can cater to and protect your child. Are they able to give specialised meals ?
  5. Facilities – any childcare centre should look clean, fresh, welcoming, and fun. They should be stocked with resources that compliment your child’s developmental stage. The educators should be happy, energetic, and qualified. If your child has special needs, then you must assess whether the facilities are set up to accommodate your child’s needs. Perhaps they need a ramp or railings. There should be indoor and outdoor play areas for the children. If your child is still napping during the day, then you need to find a centre that offers naptime.

Knowing what to look for is one thing and knowing how to find out what childcare centres there are in your area, and what they provide, is another. Luckily finding out what you need to know has been made easy for you. all you have to do is go to and enter your postcode, then you will be taken to a page like this one for child care Port Macquarrie, where you can find the childcare centres’ ratings, contact information, websites, and more.

Find a quality childcare centre that will support your child’s development today and give your child their best start in life.

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