Period of pregnancy for families is the best time to prepare for the new life in their home.

ADONIS Prenatal Programs are developed for the safety and health of the woman and baby – the services that make families enjoy the moments together without additional problems or worries.

Prenatal care meaning

Prenatal care is the set of services with outpatient and dispensary care for women during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as gynecological care.

For the whole period of pregnancy women are especially vulnerable. That’s why they need to have constant control of the experienced specialists that can give advice, consult, examine and rescue in case of emergency.

ADONIS Prenatal care Programs 

Medical centers ADONIS is the highest quality medical establishments which are certificated and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We follow worldwide norms and standards ensuring safety and confidence for our patients.

You can trust the most precious in your life – children’s health and birth – to ADONIS specialists without any doubts.

The main medical missions of ADONIS Prenatal care for women include the following: 

  • Medical examinations of pregnant women (ultrasound of fetus, ECG, prenatal screening, Doppler of uteroplacental blood flow, etc.)
  • Highly specialized consultations with doctors
  • Pathologies prevention (during pregnancy and after baby birth)
  • Gynecological diseases treatment and early diagnosis
  • Health state control and examination of women with chronic diseases
  • Preventive examination measures – cervix pathologies, cancer detection (colposcopy, cytological examination)
  • Task orders preventing HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases

ADONIS Prenatal care Programs also include the following non-medical but educational functions:

  • Qualified consultation of the pediatrician (even during the first month of baby life)
  • ADONIS Maternity school (with informational courses about baby care, breastfeeding, first aid for the baby in case of emergency, etc.)
  • Pregnancy management
  • Preparation for the childbirth (both informational and physical)
  • Сhild’s upbringing main postulates

ADONIS technological basis 

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies create the best conditions for all parties – future mothers, Surrogates, Intended parents and their families. And, of course, special attention is given to the newborns – their very first days will be in the warm atmosphere of care and love.

ADONIS equipment facilities are intended for any situations or emergency cases – incubation apparatus (with maintaining temperature), artificial lung ventilation machines, monitors, droppers and other devices that control the pulse, temperature and respiration, etc. – all of this ensures the best treatment for the newborns.

Technological basis and other advantages of ADONIS Prenatal Care is located in one place. It is unnecessary to travel from clinic to clinic with the baby in hand.

You can choose a Prenatal care Program in any part of the globe – Prenatal care in Canada, USA or UK.

But when you select ADONIS clinics with well-developed Prenatal care – you receive quality, safety, all-round care and support even after discharge.

Let your baby’s life start in a beautiful place. We are waiting for your family in ADONIS.

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