Protecting Kids From Environmental Pollution

“Oh! Please help me out… I can’t breathe and my kids are also suffering from the same… It makes me cry to see my children suffering like this… I know that they are responsible for their own misery, but being a mother I can’t see my children in this condition… Someone must have come forward to make them understand that they are the creators and destroyers of their own world… They must know the value of preserving the Mother Nature… Every year, my children inhumanly cut thousands and thousands of trees without giving a second thought about the consequences. The industrial revolution, the atomic researches, the use of plastic products and most importantly the destruction of the forests have made the world a smoky and polluted place… This pollution is not only creating health problem for my children, but is also making me internally weak and wretched… Because of this, my surface is warming in a rapid pace which may bring severe consequences in the near future… I went through a very critical stage during Bhopal Gas tragedy and generations of my kids suffered from that for decades… This may happen again if my kids won’t realize the importance of protecting the Mother Nature and Earth….” The environmental air pollution is impacting each era of individuals now a day. Within the metropolitan cities, the state of affairs is sort of essential. Yearly, the automotive manufacturing corporations promote million automobiles and consequently the variety of autos on the roads is step by step rising. This contributes loads in polluting the surroundings with completely different sorts of gases which are harmful for the well being. The worst victims of this air pollution are the youngsters and the aged individuals. The charges of bronchial asthma affected person are rising quickly; even kids are additionally carrying inhaler of their college baggage. Although completely different NGOs and worldwide organizations are working effectively to keep up a steadiness within the surroundings, however creating a aware group of world residents has turn into the prime significance of the hour. Furthermore, the dad and mom additionally should be aware so more healthy world could be given to the youngsters. Following methods might assist the dad and mom to guard their kids from environmental dangers:- Nurture the behavior of carrying handkerchief among the many children. I until at the moment carry a handkerchief or just serviette to cowl my nostril whereas I’m in some polluted place. This prohibits any germ from coming into the physique, Preserve your property as clear as attainable. Mud, mildew, sure family pests, secondhand smoke, and pet dander can set off bronchial asthma assaults and allergic reactions, Retailer pesticides and poisonous chemical substances the place children cannot attain them – by no means put them in different containers that children can mistake for meals or drink, In case you have an some house in your house, plant some good timber, this is not going to solely advertisements on to the decor of your property, but in addition will clear the air, Every single day, if attainable, take your little one to a morning stroll. The morning air stays contemporary and clear. Wash flooring and window sills to guard children from mud and peeling paint contaminated with lead – particularly in older properties. It’s in the end up the residents of the world to make it a spot value residing and to supply our children a safer and happier world.

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